The City of New Orleans & My Old Man


I love this song… because I love Chicago, New Orleans, and Trains.  It is pure “Americana”. As the child of immigrant parents the phrase — “Don’t you know me? I’m your native son.” reverberated in my being when I first heard it decades ago. A little bit of anxiety for any American whose parents were “Foreigners”. Steve Goodman — such heart and such talent — wrote this song.  

Another Steve Goodman song is “My Old Man” which evoked so many tender memories of my father, Michael Béla Wilhelm… my old man. Especially the images “his cheap cigars… no one ever knew a more charming creature upon this earth… all the fights we had when my brother and I got him mad, he got all choked up and started to shout.  I knew what was coming, so I tuned him out… And now the old man is gone.  I would give all that I own to hear what he said when I wasn't listening… my old man."
© Robert Bela Wilhelm 2017