What is our Resource eBook?


There are three eBooks that are used over the span of three full years…

Cycle A In the City of Spice and Gold (2020)

Cycle B The Innkeeper’s Gift (2018) We Are Now in Cycle B

Cycle C Secret of the Heart (2019)


These resource eBooks are available in iBook format and can be used with ay Apple device — desktop and laptop Apple computers, iPad, and iPhone.

Bur What if You Don’t Have an Apple Device?

First let me explain why, and then offer a work-around solution for you.

Why the iBook format?

The iBook format is the most user-friendly of eBooks.  Eveything stays in place when you change the font size, and when you scroll through the book.  It is easily the most elegant or all eBook formats.

Also, it is the easiest for an author like myself to create. Formatting eBooks can be a lengthy and complicated task, but Apple makes it easy for authors like myself.  When the book is done, I can be proud of the way it looks with its clean and readable format.  It is truly user friendly for you.

If You don’t Have an Apple Device…

There are two solutions:

(1) Listening to stories is enriched by listening together with another person.  Ask a friend, a colleague, or a family member with an Apple device to download the iBook and then listen together. 

(2) Your school, your church, your company may have an Apple device you can use.  If not, suggest they purchase an iPad so that everyone can access iBooks.  An iPad or iPhone or laptop Mac can be connected with video displays or screens so that you can share with classes you teach, or with other events, in your school, church, or community. Cost starts at $329.  Here are some details:  The Apple Store 

Please note: I have no financial interest in Apple productions. I don’t own stock in Apple, and I receive no commision from any of your purchases. I recommend them only because I think they are the best available. 

© Robert Bela Wilhelm 2017