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How Sacred Stories became Profane

Dismas the Good Thief: A Coptic Story for Good Friday

This story, and the icon I painted, are both dedicated to the 45 Coptic Christian children, women, and men who were martyred by Islamic terrorists in Egypt on Palm Sunday, 2017.

Here is the story of Dismas, the Good Thief, told in the Coptic Christian community of Egypt...

Here is my commentary on the story...

I completed the icon on Holy Thursday, 2017. Your comments are welcome + Dr. Robert Béla Wilhelm

An Evening of Tales from Africa and the Caribbean

The Stories:

Tropical Mockingbird

What Mockingbird Said (Nigeria) 

Fire on Cold Mountainy-SAMPLE

The Fire on Cold Mountain (Ethiopia)

— intermission —

The Woman Who Carried Sticks (Kenya)


The Clever Doctor and His Godfather Death (Haiti)

Tales are for adults and children 10 years or older. Audience can be any size. For more details, or for scheduling, contact Robert Béla Wilhelm:

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