Winter’s Journey into the Underworld


What is the Underworld? Just a scary place, or more?  It is the unconscious part of us that may reveal itself in nightmares… the dark of night… the gloom of winter… in the depths of crypts, caves, pits, and cellars.

Are we afraid of these places?  Only if we close our eyes when we arrive there.  Then the uderworld remains unknown, and we are unable to navigate our way through darkness and death and back into light and life.

Storytelling has always been the powerful tool for mapping our way through these shadowlands.  Our most ancient myths are of heroes and shamans who teach us how to take the journey… and return with the treasures we have discovered there.  Be not afraid.

This seminar, starting with the Celtic Winter Quarter of the year (November 1, the Gaelic feast of Samhain or Halloween) — is a three month journey to Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Finland, Siberia, Hawaii, Poland, and England.  Each places holds a dazzling tale of a unique journey to the Underworld.

With storytelling, artwork, music, drama, and our creative imaginations we journey through winter to the Spring Quarter (February 1, Brigid of Ireland’s feast of Imbolc) and the return of Light and Life.

The ancient Greeks believed that Boreas, the North Wind of Winter, carried tales from the dark places to the warm hearths where listeners gathered. Today, Boreas’ wind is electronic… and all these tales can blow into our storytelling circle. 

Come join us around this hearth where the flames of the fire dances… and warms our souls.

— Robert Béla Wilhelm

Number of Participants

The effectiveness of this seminar is based on the interaction of the participant.  A minimum of 3 — and a maximum of 7 — participants is required for this seminar to be held. 

Our Weekly Online Schedule for 2018

•  Class 1 • The Geography of the Underworld among the peoples of the world. The archetypal nature of the Underworld. Why we need to visit the Underworld in our stories and dreams

 •  Class 2 • The Skills needed for the descent are found in the classical Shamanism of the peoples of Siberia. What to expect.  How to deal with the Unexpected.  The purpose of the journey in our own lives...

 •  Class 3 • The Ancient Near Eastern epic of Gilgamesh

•  Class 4 • The Classical Greek myths and mysteries: Orpheus, Eurydice, Demeter and others...

 •  Class 5 • Journey to the Underworld in Mesoamerica:  Mayan, Aztec and other myths...

 •  Class 6 • The Finnish epic of the Kalevala and the descent into the Underworld...

 •  Class 7 • A Polynesian journey through the depths of the Pacific with stories...

 •  Class 8 • A 17th century Enlightment journey through the short story cycle of Leon Garfield;s “The Apprentices"

 •  Class 9 • A Modern journey through the Holocaust, with “moments of reprieve”, the short stories of Primo Levi...

 • Class 10 • Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew tales and myths from the Book of Genesis on the descent into the Land of the Dead...

 • Open date for rescheduling a cancelled class.

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How to Register:

Tuition for the ten sessions is $600.

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